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Takistan life Official Rules

on Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:12 am

Rules And Regulations 
When you request the help of staff, follow the chain of command starting from 1 to 6 
Chain of Command 
1. Teamspeak Helper(s) 
2. Moderator(s) 
3. Administrator(s) 
4. Senior Administrator(s) 
5. Director(s)* 
6. Community owner* 

* ​you should only contact a Community Owner, or Director(s) if it is an emergency 
It is always best to come on TS to communicate with staff, but if that isn't possible, here are some hints that will make 
it easier for you to get in touch and get a good result. 
Please use complete sentences to describe what happened, don't just type "admin" "admin" "admin"  
Please try to get the name of the person who has wronged you, we can't help without a name 
Please don't use all caps 
A) Basic rules 
1. Do not metagame/powergame  
2. Be respectful at all times 
3. Do not RDM (random deathmatch) 
 4. Do not go OOC (out of character) Your in-game identity is your life. Live it love it be it. 
5. Streamers are not to be pulled out of TFR at any time if actively streaming 
6. Compensation must be must be in the form of video 
7. No witch hunting 
8. No hacking/duping and exploiting, This will result in a punishment, no questions asked. 
9. Harassment of streamers will result in a 3 day ban (following them around and stream sniping them) 
10. Racism is unacceptable 
11. Valid roleplay names only (no names like penis pump bandit)  
12. Anyone abusing loopholes within the rules will be dealt with.
 13. You can’t combat revive anyone, must wait 2 minutes since last shot fired 
14. No killing unarmed civilians. ​-no Excuses 
15. Follow chain of command when dealing with staff 

     B) Random deathmatch and initiation rules 
1. Suicide vest and car bombs do not require initiation but require a valid roleplay reason 
2. Initiation roleplay lasts for 10 minutes if it goes over 10 minutes you will need to re-initiate  
3. To initiate you must have a visible firearm out 
4. You may not initiate from a vehicle only if you’re in a gunner seat in the vehicle 
5. Sirens do not count as initiation 
6. To initiate as a group you must be wearing the same clothing 
7. You must initiate before causing any harm such as tazing or knocking someone out 
8. If you’re outnumbered 3 to 1 you must give yourself up or else its failrp 
9. If someone has a gun to your head you must value your life 
10. You’re not allowed to initiate on vehicles going faster than 50kmph 

C) Vehicle Deathmatch 

1. You cannot run anyone over unless in self defense. (Someone is shooting at you or threatens to do so) 
2. After a head on vehicle collision you are not allowed to ingate in hostile RP (Robbing, kidnapping, ect.)  
3. Police are allowed to S-1 (Desync ram) but must follow there SOPs regarding it. 

      D) New Life Rule 
1. NLR means when you die you forget the events of what led up to your death (there is a timer) 
2. You can’t go back to the place where you died and seek revenge on the person who killed you 
3. Once you’ve been picked up by a medic you may not return to combat unless someone's initiating on you 

      E) Roleplay Rules 

1. You can’t ask if something is “initiation” this will count as fail-rp 
2. You can’t go out of character and tell someone they are breaking the rules 
3. You may never break character (unless the situation merits it, i.e compensation for fail-rp) 
4. Always value your life 
5. You may not jump in or out of vehicles will in restraints. This will result in failrp 

      F) Green zone  

1. You may not commit crimes in the green zone 
2. Medical stations, spawn zones, rebel zone (blufor can raid),        

G) Police Rules 

1. Police are allowed to shoot down civilian aircraft ONLY after giving 3 warnings to the aircraft to land. (do not use excessive force to do so i.e military vehicles) north of the border will be 99.9 south of the border will be 69.9 
2. Police must follow the SOP’s and follow the threat levels that are initiated. Failure to do so could result in a blacklist. 
3. Giving out any police gear will result in a blacklist. 
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