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Opfor Official SOPs

on Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:09 am
Document in effect as of
January 12, 2018
OPFOR Standard Operating Procedures
Created by:
Márshal Rossíyskoy Federátsii T.J.
Authorized by:
Márshal Rossíyskoy Federátsii T.J.

  • Threat Level

Green (Minimal threat.)

Amber (Moderate threat, OPFOR are to be extremely vigilant)

Red (Crisis Situation. Under extreme threat, caution is to be used at all times)

Introduction to OPFOR

Due to the proven incompetence of the Southern Takistan regime, the Russian Federation (also known as OPFOR) has taken complete control of Southern Takistan. The main duty of OPFOR is to protect southern citizens and territory from the oppression of NATO forces currently occupying the northern side of the country.

[size=32]OPFOR[/size][size=32] ([/size][size=32]Russian Federation[/size][size=32]) Rules[/size]

A)  General Rules:

The ratio of OPFOR/BLUFOR members to Civilians should be no more than 1:1. If there are more OPFOR and BLUFOR (Combined) members than civilians, please switch.

You can NOT just taze a civilian without a valid role play reason.

B) Vehicle Rules:

Any unarmed vehicle is clear for patrols. Any armed scout car or MRAP is also clear for patrols.

Tanks are only to be deployed if given permission to do so by an NCO or higher, and can be used freely during war

Transport Helicopters may be used at will, be it for transport, reconnaissance or border patrol.

Attack helicopters and Fixed wing assets should be used for border patrol, air defense, and supporting ground troops as requested.

C) Excessive Force Rules:

Anti-tank weapons should not be used against civilian vehicles for minor infractions (i.e. Speeding, Refusal to stop, etc…). Anti-tank weapons should only be employed when dealing with armed, significant threats to OPFOR personnel (IE Civilian terrorists), after small arms weapons have proven to be ineffective against them.

When attempting to stop a vehicle moving at high speeds, or refusing to stop when ordered to do so, you should only aim for either the wheels or engine block. **NOTE: We are aware that at times, it can be difficult to aim for these locations depending on both the distance from the vehicle, as well as the speed the vehicle is currently traveling and the direction it is currently travelling in. Just try your best not to headshot the driver intentionally if you can avoid it while still receiving the same effect***

D) Kill, Arrest and Vehicle rules: 

OPFOR may use lethal force in the defense of their territory, however an attempt to disarm a situation nonlethally must be made whenever and wherever possible.

All OPFOR are required to carry a stun pistol in their inventory.

OPFOR may employ their assets as needed in the defense of their borders, however must receive permission from a ranking officer beforehand.

E) Search Rules:

OPFOR are permitted to search citizens if they feel they may be taking part in illegal activities, it is their task to make sure the citizens of Southern Takistan are safe from crime. However, this does not mean that OPFOR should go out of their way to harass civilians.

F) Vehicle deathmatching rules: 

OPFOR may only hit a person with a car if all of the following are true:

The person is currently firing a weapon at the officers

The car is already pointed at the person

It is impossible to drive away

The vehicle is not armored

G) Drug/Gang Enforcement

A member of OPFOR must have at least two additional units in order to raid a gang area

A member of OPFOR must have at least two additional units in order to ambush a drug sale point

OPFOR are allowed to watch gang areas to get intelligence about drug dealers

OPFOR members are allowed to pay civs for information

OPFOR are not allowed to arrest or suspect people only because they possess a drug processing or rebel license

H) Stun and Restrain Rules:

Civs can be restrained for their own protection and the protection of others

Civs can be stunned, restrained, and arrested for loitering in the checkpoint or in any area with ongoing fighting.

You can not restrain civs, then leave them there.

I) Checkpoint Alpha Border (CPA) rules: 

Any civ who approaches CPA can be searched

The purpose of CPA is protect Southern takistan assets from the capitalistic advances of NATO forces in the north, and to deter illegal trafficking into the south.

You may not fire at civs who turn around and drive away from the checkpoint, unless they have approached within 15 meters of the entrance.

Any civ who loiters at the checkpoint, dances, stands in the road, etc can be arrested for 1 minute

Do not disarm civs at the CP without first checking their licenses. They are permitted to carry holstered pistols if they have a license.

Absolutely NO instigating the NATO forces. Doing so will be met with consequences.

J) Federal Reserve of Southern Takistan Rules:

OPFOR may attempt negotiations to come to a peaceful resolution, but are not required to.

OPFOR are required to attempt a peaceful resolution if there are hostages in the bank

The civs robbing the bank must declare if they are willing to negotiate or not upon planting the charge. You may get an admin if no declaration is made.

The civs can only rob the bank every 45 minutes. Speak to an admin if bank is robbed before 45 minutes.

the civs robbing the bank must declare if they have hostages and how many are on-site. You may get an admin if no declaration is made.

10 minutes after the last shot is fired, one message will be sent out asking if bank is over with (admin will send) and then OPFOR will fix the bank vault after it is confirmed the robbery is over.

once negotiations are off anything inside a 1.5K radius of a bank is a Killzone.  (even if you're a unarmed civ you're subjected to arrest)

K) Gas Station rules:

OPFOR must offer the criminals a chance to surrender peacefully.

Civs may, but are not required to, declare snipers or hostages.

L) Impounding Rules:

It is the duty of OPFOR to impound all abandoned vehicles

If you mistakenly impound a vehicle, you should give the owner transportation to the impound lot

Make sure to check the vehicle for any explosive ordinance. Have a bomb defusal kit handy.

Any vehicle blocking any vehicle spawn must be impounded

M) Professional behavior: 

OPFOR is a professional Military Force, and should act as such (Trolling around checkpoints or bases, mic spamming music, or pointlessly harassing civilians will not be tolerated).

OPFOR are not permitted to loiter in the Police base or create a nuisance

OPFOR are required to respond to one another's communications on side chat, to give backup when requested, etc.

Stealing other people's items from the boxes will result in a OPFOR ban

If an OPFOR is kidnapped or captured, the OPFOR is required to try to rescue him.

OPFOR should not go out of their way to harass civilians. Though corruption is not as highly frowned upon here as it is in the north, we will not be able to maintain control of the country if the population rises up to fight us.

N) Crimes and Punishments: 

The punishments for a crime are entirely up to the OPFOR official dealing with the issue. However, the punishment should not be outrageous (Don’t be that guy that decides to execute/jail somebody for 25 minutes simply because you don’t like how they looked at/spoke to you).

OPFOR officers can overrule a determined punishment for a crime on a case by case basis if they feel the elected punishment is either too harsh, or too lenient.

OPFOR officers are allowed to accept bribes from criminals in exchange for turning a blind eye on their offence.

O) Non crimes:

It is not a crime to simply to be in a gang

It is not a crime to be armed (depending on the gun), if not in a gang.

It is not a crime to have drug processing licenses

It is not a crime to be in a gang area

Civs who turn themselves in can negotiate reduced punishments.

P) Suggested Fines:

Obstructing Roadway: ($20000)

Fail To Drive Without Vehicle Lights After Dark: ($20000)

Driving Without A License: ($20000 +Impound)

Speeding Fine: ($30000)

Fail To Stop For Police: ($30000)

Dangerous/Reckless Driving: ($30000)

Civilian with gun out in town or CP with license: ($20000+Place in car)

Civilian with gun out in town or CP without license: ($45000+Weapon Bag/Disarm)

Fines for robbing/vehicle theft/drugs should be the suspect's current bounty.


Q) Jail Times [ Always impose bail!]:

Excessive loitering at CP ( Multiple warnings) : 1-5 minute(s).

Refusing to pay a fine : 1 minute or Exile from the Country.

Bribing an officer : 1 minute (Or you can accept it).

Gas Station Robbery : 2 minutes each count.

Robbing a player: 3 minutes each count, as well as financial compensation to the victim.

Stealing unarmed OPFOR vehicle : 2 minutes each count.

Attempted murder : 5 minutes.

Drug running : 3 minutes ( + 2 minutes per million worth of drugs in bounty - MAX of 15 minutes).

Stealing an armed/armoured OPFOR vehicles : 5 minutes.

Escaping Jail : 5 minutes + previous sentence or Public execution depending on severity of original offence.

Declaring terror : 15 minutes or Public Execution.

Murder : 5 minutes Per count (max 15 minutes) or Public Execution.

Murder of an OPFOR official: 15 minutes or Public execution.

Rank Structure:

OPFOR Command: High command members. Responsible for the creation of and revision of SOP.

Officers: Responsible for coordinating with ground forces, and the approval of the usage of heavy support assets.

NCOs: Responsible for commanding small sections of OPFOR personnel

Junior Enlisted: The basic Infantryman of the Russian Federation. Responsible for patrolling southern territory, protecting civilians, and if the time calls, taking and holding war time objectives.


Uniforms and Loadout:

Standard uniforms:

1x EMR Desert Uniform

1x Any 6B26, 6B27, or 6B28 Helmet

1x Any 6B23 Chestplate

1x backpack [OPTIONAL]
1x Rifle (Not a Marksman’s rifle/LMG)
1x Pistol (Optional)
1x Taser
1x GPS
1x NVG
nx First Aid Kits (Optional)
5x Food
5x Water

Officer and NCO uniforms:

1x Any EMR Desert Uniform
1x 6B26, 6B27, or 6B28 Helmet (May forgo a helmet in lieu of a beret if so wished)
1x Any 6B23 Chestplate
1x Rifle
1x Pistol (optional)
1x Taser
1x backpack (OPTIONAL)
1x GPS
1x NVG
5x Food
5x Water

Special Operations Forces Uniform:

1x Gorka-R Yellow Uniform
1x Altyn Helmet
1x any 6B13, 6B23, or 6B43 vest
1x Backpack (Optional)
1x Rifle
1x Taser
1x Pistol
1x GPS
1x NVGs
Nx FAK (Optional)
5x Food
5x Water

Pilot Uniform:

1x DF-15-2 (Blue)
1x Zsh7a (KM-35 if fixed wing)
1x Pistol Holster or Map case+holster
1x Taser (Replaced with a pistol during war time)
1x GPS
1x NVGs
Nx FAK (Optional)
1x Repair Kit
5x Food
5x Water

Alert Phase Procedure:

Green: Minimum threat level, carry out operations normally

Amber: Moderate Threat level, Heightened security with preparation for mobilization of forces if necessary

Red: Maximum security, lockdown all checkpoints, prepare for imminent threat, anybody with a weapon out is to be considered a hostile combatant and dealt with accordingly


Keep your vehicle locked at all times.
Remember to document all evidence with screenshots or video.

Follow OPFOR rules.

Act smart with vehicle and weapon choices.

In the event of needing extended leave (meaning being gone for a week or more) please inform OPFOR Command to place you on LOA, and inform us of how long.

If one gang member is wanted for major crimes (Murder, Trafficking, robbery,) the entire gang is to be placed on the wanted list. This does not apply to small crimes like speeding.

**Failure to follow any and all of these rules and regulations may result in your removal**

Do’s and Don'ts

-Use common sense.
-Keep your vehicle locked at all times.
-Keep civilian and hostage casualties minimal.
-Keep in communication with other OPFOR
-Be a complete tool
-Intentionally cause harm to other OPFOR or Civilian Bystanders
-Intentionally deteriorate border relations

[size=32]Document Subject to Change Without Prior Notification[/size]
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