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NATO Official SOPs

on Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:04 pm
Created by: [Captain] Tom Moore
[Sergeant] Joshua Graham
Authorized by: [Major] Drake
CO: [Captain] Tom Moore
Threat Level
Green (Minimal threat.)
Amber (Moderate threat, NATO are to be extremely vigilant)
Red (Crisis Situation. Under extreme threat, caution is to be used at all times)
Introduction to NATO
With a now Russian-occupied south, NATO forces have strengthened their presence in Northern Takistan to halt suspected advances from the Russians. The thought of Russian expansionism has brought concern to the NATO aligned countries, thus their presence. NATO’s goal is to keep any possible Russian expansions at bay through peaceful means while also keeping democracy in Northern Takistan. While in Northern Takistan, treat the civilians with respect so that we may garner their favoured attention. We may be a military, but we also act as the police of Northern Takistan while we rebuild their government.

A) Kill, Detaining and Vehicle rules
NATO may only kill civilians in self defense.
NATO are always required to try to detain civs. It is NATO’s job to detain, not kill, criminals.
All NATO are required to carry a stun pistol in their inventory.
NATO are NOT permitted to use Heavy Armoured vehicles or Attack Helicopters against civs unless the civilian poses a direct threat to the vehicle I.E. civilian is in an armoured vehicle or if the civilian is using anti-vehicle methods.
             Vehicles with guided rockets may only be used during war.
            Attack helicopters and jets may be used on any air target with given permission from a CO.
                        After three warnings and the aircraft hasn’t landed, then you may shoot to disable, if possible
                        One warning per 15 seconds.
If you kill a civilian before or after wartime, you must fill out an incident report. This rule is exempt for the following:
            Civilian has declared terror.
             Civilian has endangered you and other units

B) Aviation Rules
There is only allowed to be one patrol helicopter in the air at a time unless authorised by a Sgt. +
You are not allowed to land in roads or towns (Unless authorised by  Sgt +). Only cleared landing zones away from civilians unless you’re having mechanical failure.
helicopters are primarily for recon and transport, you may engage ONLY if one of the following is true:
You are being directly fired at
NATO ground units request for help.
Helicopters with front-facing weapons require aviation training to pilot!
C) Search Rules
 NATO outside the checkpoints may only search civs if they have probable cause to believe the civ has committed a crime
 A civ being at the scene of a crime is good probable cause for a search
NATO may search all civs at checkpoints without probable cause
D) Vehicle deathmatching rules
NATO may never hit another player with another vehicle.
E) Drug, Gang, and Rebel enforcement rules
 A member of NATO must have at least two additional units in order to raid a gang area
A member of NATO must have at least two additional units in order to ambush a drug sale point
A member of NATO must have at least two additional units in order to raid rebel area.
            You may raid rebel area only if there is sufficient evidence against the occupants or illegal substances
NATO are allowed to watch gang areas to get intelligence about drug dealers
             However, NATO must be about 150m away from the gang area
NATO members may never bribe a civilian for information.
NATO are not allowed to arrest or suspect people because they possess a drug processing/rebel license
Raids on gang areas and drug sale points must always be aimed at detaining those within that zone
F) Stun, restrain, and detain rules
Civs can be restrained for their own protection and the protection of NATO personnel
Civs can be stunned, restrained, and detained for loitering in the checkpoint or in any area with ongoing fighting.
You can not restrain civs, then leave them there.
You may not arrest in civ spawn unless the situation is initiated outside of civ spawn
G) Launcher/RPG rules
 Only PFC+ can use the Launchers in the NATO shop.
 Do NOT use the launchers against soft targets.
            Soft targets that are exempt from this rule are any with a soft body but a gun attachment aboard I.E Dshkm
 Keep to one launcher per two units. Every second unit or one unit after the second joins.
For example:                                       
2 units = 1 launcher
4 units = 2 launchers
6 units = 3 launchers
8 units = 4 launchers
H) Checkpoint Alpha Border (CPA) rules
**The purpose of CPA is protect North Takistan assets from the Russians controlling the south and to maintain control of the Northern territory**
 Any civ who approaches CPA can be searched
 You may not fire at civs who turn around and drive away from the checkpoint
 Any civ who loiters at the checkpoint, dances, stands in the road, etc can be detained
Do not disarm civs at the CP without first checking their licenses.
            Pistols are legally allowed if holstered and they have a license.
            Rifles, however, are illegal.
Absolutely NO instigating the Russian forces. Doing so will be met with consequences.

I) Checkpoint Rasman (CPR) rules
**The purpose of CPR is to facilitate any criminals or drugs entering in or out of the city of Rasman**
Any civ who approaches CPR can be searched
You may not fire at civs who turn around and drive away from the checkpoint
 Any civ who loiters at the checkpoint, dances, stands in the road, etc can be detained
 Do not disarm civs at the CP without first checking their licenses or without reason.
            Pistols are legally allowed if holstered and they have a license.
            Rifles, however, are illegal.

J) Bank[Federal Reserves] rules
 NATO must always attempt to negotiate and try to meet the demands civ demands must not be insane I.E. 5000 Apaches
The civs robbing the bank must declare if they are going to negotiate or not upon planting the charge. You may get an admin if no declaration is made.
The civs can only rob the bank every 45 minutes. Speak to an admin if bank is robbed before 45 minutes.
the civs robbing the bank must declare if they have snipers or back up coming. You may get an admin if no declaration is made.
the civs robbing the bank must declare if they have hostages and how many are on-site. You may get an admin if no declaration is made.
once negotiations are off anything inside a 1.5K radius of a bank is a Killzone.  (even if you're a unarmed civ you're subjected to arrest)
            Each side has 30 seconds to return to their sides before opening fire.
10 minutes after the last shot is fired, one message will be sent out asking if bank is over with (admin or NATO will send) and then NATO will fix the bank vault after it is confirmed the robbery is over.

K) Gas Station rules
NATO must attempt to negotiate
Civs may, but are not required to, declare snipers or hostages.

L) Impounding rules
If you mistakenly impound a vehicle, you should give the owner transportation to the impound lot
Make sure to check the vehicle for any explosive ordinance. Have a bomb defusal kit handy.
Any vehicle blocking any vehicle spawn must be impounded
M) Professional behavior
NATO are not permitted to loiter in the Police base or create a nuisance
NATO are required to respond to one another's communications on side chat, to give backup when requested, etc.
If a NATO is kidnapped or captured, the BLUFOR is required to try to rescue him.
NATO should not go out of their way to harass civilians.
NATO can not take bribes from civilians or gangs.
 N) Crimes and Punishments
Punishments must fit crimes.
Long jail sentences can only be imposed for murderers, with each murder adding 5 minutes for a max of 25
Traffic infractions must be punished with tickets
Robbery can be punished with ticket or jail, it is up to NATO
Non violent crime should not be given jail, except for loitering at checkpoint.
 It is a crime to be in a gang and be armed.
O) Non crimes
It is not a crime to simply to be in a gang
It is not a crime to be armed (depending on the gun), if not in a gang.
It is not a crime to have drug processing licenses
It is not a crime to be in a gang area
Civs who commit nonviolent crimes must be permitted to pay their bounty, and then be made unwanted, if they wish.
Civs who turn themselves in can negotiate reduced punishments.
It is not a crime to be present at Rebel, and NATO are not permitted to kill people there on sight.

Suggested Fines
Obstructing Roadway: ($20000)
Fail To Drive Without Vehicle Lights After Dark: ($20000)
Driving Without A License: ($20000 +Impound)
Speeding Fine: ($30000)
Fail To Stop For Police: ($30000)
Dangerous/Reckless Driving: ($30000)
Civilian with gun out in town or CP with license: ($20000+Place in car)
Civilian with gun out in town or CP without license: ($45000+Weapon Bag/Disarm)
Fines for robbing/vehicle theft/drugs should be the suspect's current bounty.

Jail Times [Always impose bail!]
Excessive loitering at CP ( Multiple warnings) : 1-5 minute(s)
Refusing to pay a fine : 1 minute
Bribing an officer : 1 minute
Gas Station Robbery : 2 minutes each count
Robbing a player: 3 minutes each count
Stealing unarmed NATO vehicle : 2 minutes each count
Attempted murder : 3 minutes
Drug running : 3 minutes ( + 2 minutes per million worth of drugs in bounty - MAX of 15 minutes)
Escaping Jail : 5 minutes + previous sentence
Stealing an armed/armoured NATO vehicle : 5 minutes
Declaring terror : 15 minutes
Murder : 5 minutes / each (max 15 minutes)
Radio Protocol
Radio channels are as listed in the table below:
Long range/short range compatible?
Standard NATO Frequency
Set by highest ranking online
Air Space Frequency
Long Range only
No banter over radio. The radio is used for tactical and communication purposes ONLY.
When the server starts, the highest ranking available will set a frequency as the Standard NATO Channel. This is to prevent any unwarranted access to our channels by criminal civilians or the Russians.
If the frequency is compromised, the highest ranking at the time will set a new frequency
Once a new frequency is established, the highest ranking at the time will post the frequency on map
Air Space Frequency is only to be used by Air Traffic Control, CO, or any NATO aircraft in the air. This frequency is used to contact civilian aircraft.
Keep your vehicle locked at all times.
You can NOT just taze a civilian with no reason, treat them like any other gun.
Remember to document all evidence with screenshots or video.
Follow Blufor rules.
The ratio of NATO members to civilians should be no more than 1-2. If there are more NATO members than civilians, please switch.
Have two or more people per vehicle if possible to ensure maximum efficiency and personnel safety.
Act smart with vehicle and weapon choices.
In the event of needing extended leave (meaning being gone for a week or more) please inform NATO Command to place you on LOA, and inform us of how long.
Rocket Launchers are to be used only on armoured or armed vehicle targets.
If one gang member is wanted for major crimes (Murder, Trafficking, robbery,) the entire gang is to be placed on the wanted list. This does not apply to small crimes like speeding.
LMGs or MMGs not allowed for standard patrol but are allowed to be kept in vehicles. Both, however, may be out at any checkpoint.
**Failure to follow any and all of these rules and regulations may result in your removal**
Rank Structure
Major - The Major's duty is to oversee all members and units of NATO, as well as set policy.
Captain - The Captain has oversight of at least two units, Making sure they run at peak efficiency.
Lieutenant - The Lieutenant is the first Officer rank. Lieutenants are expected to take charge of lower ranks and allocate resources where they are needed most.
Sergeant - The Sergeant is an NCO of the ranking structure. A Sergeant makes sure all ranks below them are running at top efficiency. While on the server, Sergeants are expected to lead lower ranks. They are also responsible to train those below them.
Corporal -  Corporal duties are the same as the PFC but with the added responsibility of leading PFC and PVTs in the field. They are to make sure PFC and PVT know their SOPs.
Private First Class - PFCs are the main body of NATO. PFC duties include but are not limited to: Patrolling, Manning of Checkpoints, issuing tickets, and arresting people with warrants. PFCs should have the maturity and intelligence to work alone or with a partner and make decisions without being managed by a NCO.
Private - The lowest rank in NATO. These guys are basically the new guys of the force.
Uniforms and Loadouts
Standard uniforms {Corporals and below}
1x MARPAT-D Uniform
1x Any MARPAT-D Helmet
1x Any SPC Chestplate

1x backpack [OPTIONAL]
1x Rifle
1x Pistol
1x Taser
1x GPS
1x NVG
1x Spike Strips
2x Toolkit
Officer and NCO uniforms
1x Any MARPAT-D Uniform
1x NATO beret, utility cap, or MARPAT-D Helmet
1x Any SPC Chestplate
1x Rifle
1x Pistol
1x Taser
1x backpack [OPTIONAL]
1x GPS
1x NVG
1x Spike Strips
2x Toolkit
 Vehicle Regulations
Any unarmed vehicle is clear for patrols. Any armed humvee or MRAP is also clear for patrols.
Tanks are only to be deployed against other  Hard Targets. Tanks Can be used on Armed Targets if threatened. And can be used freely during war
Transport Helicopters are to be used to transport or patrol
Attack helicopters
and Jets are to be used against Hard Targets or large groups of infantry. Attack helicopters and Jets may be used on any air target with given permission from a high ranking officer. The Pawnee can be used for Patrol but not to engage single targets unless provoked.
Rockets are never to be used on civilian populated areas. Rockets can be used on Armed or Hard Targets.
Guided missiles can be used only on Hard Targets and may only be used during war.

Do’s and Dont’s
Do use common sense.
Do keep your vehicle locked at all times.
Do keep civilian and hostage casualties minimal.
Do keep comms with other Blufor and with your squad.

Don’t endanger yourself, your fellow officers, or Bystanders.
Don’t shoot first and ask questions later.

Document Subject to Change
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